Bridal Lingerie Trends

A huge thanks to Tanya from Moonrise Lingerie who contributed to this post with lots of great tips and advice on bridal lingerie trends!

Bridal lingerie is, surprisingly, one of the last things a bride considers for her wedding day but is one of the areas that can have such a huge impact on the day itself. Having the perfect wedding underwear that compliments both you and your wedding dress can give you comfort and confidence throughout the day as well as make sure you look nothing short of stunning! So what are the current bridal lingerie trends?

Bridal Lingerie Trends

There is always the choice of a fancy underwear set for you to choose from, but there are other options as well (such as the stockings in the first picture). Let’s have a look at some other ideas!

Bridal Corsets

Bridal corset. These have support at top and around the waist. #AspirationalBride

The majority of brides place support at the top of their list of needs from their lingerie and so, not surprisingly, the traditional wedding corset is still a popular choice. A well chosen and fitted corset can provide excellent support for the breast as well as providing a great slimming effect to the waistline.

Many dress styles are open neck, sweetheart fronts or open low back designs. As gorgeous as they are, these can begin to pose issues when it comes to suitable underwear options. Fortunately, there are foundation garment options that are both suitable for this type of gown and sexy. Your bridal lingerie needs to be the unsung heroine of your day, it has to provide you with all of the comfort and support you need and yet remain out of sight.

Wedding Bustiers

For brides who are looking more for support ‘up top’ than for their waistline then there’s a host of bridal bustiers like the one above that will do just that. Although they may appear similar to the corset, a bustier may be a lot shorter in length. And although they may still have elements of boning in their design, their waist cinching effects will not be nearly as good as a corset. For this reason and because they generally have a nice romantic tone to them, they can also double as wedding night lingerie. And these undergarments should not be just your wedding day, so do think of other outfits and occasions when you can wear them again.

Classy lace and bow bridal corset. stunning! #AspirationalBride

In terms of style, lace, romance and tradition are perennial strong tones. While over-the-top may come and go, more subtle and suggestive (such as the one above) is always in vogue. Of course, at the end of the day, it boils down to personal preference and tastes, after all it’s your wedding!

Do you think because you are larger than the average model you cannot look as good? Think again and check out the plus size style above.

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