Bridal Floral Trends 2013 | Vintage Wedding Flowers

Bridal Floral Trends 2013 | Edwardian Vintage Wedding Flowers

A guest post from our resident floral expert Stephanie Saunders…

With the latest series of Downton Abbey arriving on our screens within the past few weeks I just had to draw some inspiration from this very pretty era.

The Edwardian era epitomises grand decadence, formal glamour and pure elegance. And with Lady Mary hosting the wedding of the year, is it any wonder that brides are choosing to channel this look into their own weddings.

Edwardian bouquets were traditionally wired posies… a very small collection of flowers, a quaint, rather formal look. Very neat and very pretty. To echo this in your bouquet use traditional English Garden favourites, Roses, Spray Roses, Sweet Williams and (love it or hate it) Gypsophila… These small but perfectly formed blooms are just perfect to group together. A true and, quite probably, historically accurate combination of flowers.

Wiring flowers can reduce the size and weight of your bouquet considerably.

Stephanie Saunders

The very lovely Duchess of Cambridge carried an exquisite wired bouquet of ‘Lily of the Valley’. The size and shape was typical of the Edwardian era, small, dainty and very chic!

Bridal Floral Trends 2013

To channel this look into your venue decoration, opt for long, opulent tables. Here the formality levels are heightened. Adorn these tables with large, impressive candelabra, dripping with blooms. The line of these shout formality but ought to be broken up with smaller arrangements… perhaps small pewter bowls of flowers. A good, solid mix of low and elevated arrangements is the key to achieving the desired look.

This look is very understated and subtle… Have your florist choose a mix of soft and muted tones to create a balanced look. With the right dress, and the right beautiful crystal accessories you will have created the winning modern Edwardian effect. This look lends itself to many different colour ways and whether you just hint at the theme or encompass the style in its entirety, Edwardian elegance is certainly a charming look.


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