Behind The Lens With Linus Moran Photography

At Aspirational Bride we always urge couples to invest as much as they can in their wedding photography and carefully choose the photographer who they feel is right for them. Getting to know your wedding photographer is very important, and tends to make you feel much more relaxed and confident during your wedding day!

Today we’re delighted to meet Linus Moran of Linus Moran Photography based in beautiful Dorset. We hope our interview will give you an insight into Linus and his photographic work…


Behind The Lens With Linus Moran Photography

Who inspires you the most?

My wife and family – quite simply.  They alone inspire me to continue pushing forward with the appetite to succeed and develop, both as a person and in my professional capacity.  Ever since walking into the world of wedding photography, I have seen the whole process as a rewarding challenge, not just in the  development of my photography, but in the embracing of new disciplines such as the marketing, branding and general business approach.


Describe your dream wedding location to photograph (either one you’ve worked at or a wish for one day)…

Well, it would have to be country specific as opposed to venue in my case.  I love outdoor weddings, modern yet personal, allowing the connection of the people to dominate as opposed to the bricks and mortar.  I love the work by the guys over at Nordica, so Iceland would be a natural choice with its dramatic landscapes.  So many rich photographic opportunities, so somewhere like this coupled with a great set of people would lead to a top day for me.

Which couple in the world would you most like to have photographed on their wedding day? Why?

Well, this kind of leads me down the path of celebrities and my past experience of many within my time in journalism wasn’t good.  So much so that I’m a little out of touch with the latest ‘A, B listers’.  Yes, I could choose a classic Hepburnesque character, but lets go for the more personal here.  Actresses, if I were to choose, would include Kate Winslett, I’ve met her several times (prior to her marriage to Jim Threppleton) and was always taken back by how down to earth she was.  I loved the way they married with a traditional reception serving bangers and mash!

A close second would be a great musicians wedding – someone like Ben Harper.  I love music and live performance photography was my first photographic passion!  Weddings with carefully planned soundtracks, holding the music as the cohesive gel behind their day, always seem to go down well.  The people, the mood and the attitude all fire off well and give me so much more to capture.  Its that old saying of music being like a heartbeat, if everyone is in sync with it – its perfect!

Can you share a treasured photograph with us and tell us why?

It has to be one of my own parents and one of the few photos documenting their wedding.  unfortunately not one taken on the wedding day itself, as back then cameras were not everyday possessions carried by all.  They had appointed a friend with a  good camera (it still happened back then!) to cover their day, but he had forgotten to take it to the wedding, so this image is taken the day after on the steps on my grandmothers house.  One of only 3 or 4 to mark and remember the big day.  Precious and treasured indeed…


How would you define your style of wedding photography and what makes you stand out as a photographer?

Defining a style has to be one of the most difficult things to do, and one thats probably best tackled by one of my previous clients.  In  my own words, though I would have to say that my style is dictated by my approach to every wedding.  I am a firm believer in observational photography, allowing the B&G to partake fully in their day, without interruption or direction, remaining in and amongst their guests as much as possible.  Moments captured for me are all about connection.  This natural flow is halted when a photographer has their own input into the day.

It’s not to say that I don’t do portraits, or arranged shots – I do (when appropriate) but can easily get what is needed within a 20 minute window of opportunity.

What defines me as a wedding photographer, is this easy going relaxed approach, knowing when to move quickly and “steal’ a moment, and when to ease back into the background, leaving people to interact freely, unaware of my presence.  So much of my work is complimented by “I / we / they didn’t even know you were there”!


Tell us about how you got started in photography?

I started at 6th form college with choosing photography GCSE as an option, I kidnapped my girlfriends camera to take my first pictures, and slowly but surely got the bug.  Investing more in equipment, cameras and darkroom gear, started to compile a portfolio that took me on to higher education at Salisbury College of art.  Whilst here – I was the only student getting regular publications within NME and Melody Maker, shooting bands up and down the country.

My first professional job was within the MOD, based in Whitehall.  This led onto a start within Express newspapers and then a springboard onto The Sun as a Fleet St, news and features photographer.

What other types of photography interest you, other than weddings?

Well it has to be what got me first started and enthused with the profession – Music!  I love live performance and still go to see quite a few gigs each year.  I haven’t been shooting bands for a while now as the whole background work behind the wedding photography consumes my time. But some great gigs that I did have the pleasure to photograph were Oasis at Knebworth, Robbie Williams, The Prodigy, The Cranberries (early days) amongst others, along with a great one on one interview with John Lydon (he was such a great character).

What’s the best thank you or compliment you’ve received?

My most recent testimonial received…

“Hi Linus,

I just wanted to let you know how much we love the photos you took of our wedding. They are so perfect, they really capture how the day happened which is just what we wanted to see. Everyone else loves them too, I was so worried some of here older generation wouldn’t be so taken with the style, since they’re used to the old fashioned, starchy kind of wedding photos, but everyone just loved them! We were on honeymoon when you sent them to us and we have such a nice evening looking through.  I was particularly delighted with the photos within the church, I know it was a bit tricky with village politics but it really is the most important part of the day and hence the part I wanted photographed most of all. You were so discreet that I thought you’d been banned after all and it wasn’t until I mentioned it to someone during tea that I found out you’d been snapping all through! I had no idea you were there but I was so grateful you were, those pictures will always be the most special. I heard one of our friends has already booked you for next year, but if there’s somewhere I can leave a review or comment or something then let me know, everyone should have great doing photos like we have!

Thanks! Louise.”

(Even when the church chaplain says ‘No’ to pictures during service, ( Vicar was onside & OK ) I assess the situation, line of view to chaplain was blocked, so discreet as ever, I continued taking pictures.  Moments pass quickly, never to be repeated, all being important to the bride as well as myself!  Something still with me from my days as a national press photographer I suppose…)

Briefly describe a typical day when you’re shooting a wedding…

I always check in with the bride, the week preceding the wedding to get a timeline of events along with noting any details that will be important to the day.

So come wedding day, most important for me is the start time.  I usually join bridal prep around 2 hrs before the service, this allows me to get enough prep shots of wedding party along with any details such as dress, flowers etc.


I leave for the ceremony with the aim of being in place 30 mins before start.  Again to allow time to not be under pressure, to get some observational pics of groom and wedding guests.

Ceremony is done, sometime after we do some arranged family groups if requested, then we just go with the natural flow.  I leave the couple in and amongst their guests as much as possible only taking them off for some natural portraits in and around the grounds if requested.  I’m easy on how they want to play things, if they want pure documentary then thats great with me, as I still have the greatest of pleasure capturing moments presented.


I love the wedding breakfast speeches, being so rich in expression and reactions.


I follow the day all the way through to the first dance and evening entertainment, holding on to find that natural conclusion to the narrative.  If there is a father daughter first dance, or any grand finale – I’ll be there to get it!


Once I see it as all being in the bag, I always say my goodbye’s and congratulations to the B&G’s, double checking that I have everything and a whole lot more captured from their day.

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