Art Deco Floral Inspiration (all the way from West Egg!)

With ‘The Great Gatsby’ hitting our big screens next year I thought the time was right to feature the decadent 1920’s Art Deco look for our floral inspiration this month. With the vintage trends looking set to continue well into the new year, this look is an indulgent alternative to the rather quaint, afternoon tea, quintessentially English vintage loveliness!

Art Deco Floral Inspiration

The 1920’s welcomed a liberal transformation in all aspects of life… it was an expensive, uber stylish era, the height of which was depicted beautifully in the remake of F.Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’

To transform this into your big day blooms and to make it a success you ought to stick to monochromatic colours… black and white! Never have two opposites attracted so well. All white blooms are the floral star of the show as far as Art Deco floral inspiration goes. A mass of white blooms can look beautiful, my personal favourite being Carnations. A bouquet or arrangement of these look sensational with infinite ruffles, especially if dotted with pearls for a true Art Deco look.

If you’d prefer a more interesting fusion of choice blooms nothing comes as close to Art Deco perfection than a mix of white Roses, Carnations and Anemones. Anemones, in particular, lend themselves perfectly to this look. Also, have your florist to edge your bridal party bouquets with feathers… Feathers offer a nice alternative to the usual green foliage and are Art Deco stlye personified.

Art Deco Floral Inspiration

For your guests, have tables centres with mirrored glass cubes and vases over spilling with flowers. It will look truly amazing! There are so many vase options available these days. If mirrored glass doesn’t do it for you, perhaps choose a black glass vase. Tall black vases look incredible with pure white singapore orchids tumbling out of them. Luxurious, opulent and exorbitant.

Should you wish to have a more romantic twist on the Art Deco look, I suggest you introduce a hint of soft pink but stick to the very pale shades. Too much colour will dilute the impact of the striking white blooms!

If you are having a 1920’s inspired wedding it is worthwhile sticking to this very limited colour pallet. The less is more effect will blow your guests away.

Art Deco Floral Inspiration

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