Alternative Wedding Ring Metals

With so many couples putting an immense amount of thought into their wedding styling, it seems likely that we’ll see a much greater variety of jewellery styles being used for weddings too, especially wedding rings.


White and yellow gold are generally the most popular metals for wedding rings, but what is out there for couples who are looking for something a little different?

Men are generally not renowned shoppers, but when it comes to choosing a wedding ring they may well be attracted to an alternative to gold.

Here is our guide to some of the metals you may wish to consider (men do like to do their research significant purchases!), along with information on the qualities and colour tones associated with each metal…


Alternative Wedding Ring Metals


Platinum is often considered to be the strongest and rarest of the precious metals used in making jewellery. The bonus of a platinum wedding ring is that, as a superior metal, it does not tarnish and through daily wear it will develop a light and attractive lustre. The beauty, durability and relative rarity of platinum means it generally has a high value and this will be reflected in the price you will pay for a platinum ring. A classy choice!


Zirconium is rapidly gaining a reputation as a durable and resistant metal – ideal if you are looking for something modern, different and extremely hard wearing – think nuclear reactors! Zirconium is also non-toxic and is often used in the dental industries so it is perfect if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies. Zirconium wedding rings are a modern and very durable choice!


Titanium is another increasingly popular metal, it is very light yet also very durable. It doesn’t tarnish at room temperature and also has the same non-toxic qualities as Zirconium, often being used in the medical/surgical industries. Titanium is found abundantly in nature and this helps to keep the price down too. Titanium isn’t as malleable as other metals, so works best when used in a plain band. Titanium wedding rings are a simple and reasonably priced choice!

Wedding-Rings-DirectAbove all remember that the key to choosing the right wedding ring for you is to look for something which suits your style and taste, alongside your lifestyle and budget.

For more information on wedding rings, why not take a look at the Wedding Rings Direct website.

They have a huge collection of engagement, wedding and eternity rings and offer sound advice and a straightforward service!

If ordering online isn’t for you then why not pop along to their Brighton showroom, run by Anthony and Alex Edwards who originally owned a jewellery shop in The Lanes, Brighton…

Happy shopping!



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