Alternative Save The Date Ideas

With more and more couples planning their weddings a year or more in advance, the appeal of sending out ‘Save The Date’ cards has certainly grown!

There is something hugely exciting about sending out ‘Save The Date’ cards, they are the first opportunity you will have to give your guests something official relating to your wedding! They also provide an opportunity to possibly showcase your wedding colours and/or theme.

If you haven’t decided on a theme or style then you can simply have some fun and go for something original and memorable! A ‘Save The Date’ doesn’t have to be a card…

Alternative Save The Date Ideas

1. Balloons

Colourful and fun, without being expensive and costly to make!

save the date balloons

 2. Coasters

Easy to post, plenty of space to write what you want!

Alternative Save The Date Ideas

 3. Tickets

Such a fun idea! You don’t have to get married in a theatre to enjoy this fabulous design from our great friends at Heart Invites!


4. Gift Tags

There’s plenty of variety here… Just purchase a rubber stamp and some luggage style gift tags (these tend to be larger) and you can make your own gift tags to accompany a small ‘Save The Date’ gift!

Save The Date gift tags

5. Magnets

Very popular of late, easy to ‘display’ and no excuses for your guests forgetting your special date! Also a HUGE variety of super styles!

Save The Date magnets

6. Calendars

A great idea, you simply purchase the design and email your own high res digital image – done!

Save The Date calendar

There are lots of fabulous ideas out there, which do you like? Do you think ‘Save The Dates’ are necessary? We’d love to hear from you!

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