Alternative Honeymoon Ideas

Whilst many newly-weds look forward to a honeymoon in some far off exotic destination, for many of us that just isn’t a realistic option.

Whether it be through money issues, work constraints or even just plain old indecision, more and more newly-weds are postponing that month in the Caribbean for some alternative honeymooning.

So whilst it might not be the stereotypical luxury break, there’s still no reason why this can’t be the most romantic, and productive time of your life!

Alternative Honeymoon Ideas

Here are a few alternative honeymoon ideas for those of you who want to do things their own way!


Whilst it might not seem like the first choice of spending your honeymoon, volunteering will definitely tie you closer together and also offer you the chance to visit unexpected destinations that you would never usually be able to access.

Examples of this include the Sierra Club who need volunteers to help maintain and preserve the natural beauty of America. Whilst some of the activities might be somewhat gruelling, it’ll definitely take you to some beautiful locations and give you both the chance to do some wonderfully fulfilling work together.


Camping Out

Although the idea of camping is definitely not glamorous, it does have considerable benefits over the traditional honeymoon experience. Namely less cost, increased chance of actually spending some quality time with your loved one, and if you don’t like your current surroundings, then you can always just pack up and move to the next location!

There are some beautiful National Parks to choose from, and what could be better than waking up in the middle of a magnificent natural wilderness with your new partner!


Building A Nest

Getting married often comes at the time in our lives where we start to focus on our homes more and want to get settled. So rather than adding to costs and stresses by booking a mammoth journey, many are seeking to just take a couple of weeks off work and get sorted at home.

There’s something wonderfully life-affirming about decorating or renovating your new home with your life-partner. So whether you’re picking a colour scheme for the kitchen, or choosing a new bed for the bedroom, if you can do it without the stresses of time, work and money then it will truly be one of the golden moments in your life!



Of course, if you simply have to get away for your honeymoon, then you don’t have to take a long time off. Many are now seeking a simple mini-moon where a quick weekend break to a glamorous city will provide some wonderful memories for this once in a lifetime experience.

With the Eurostar now making train travel to Paris quick and cheap, it’s top of the list for a romantic break. But lower cost airfares are also meaning that many other European cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona and Vienna are also within affordable reach. So as long as you have your sweetheart on your arm, the sky’s the limit!


Let us know if you have any other alternative honeymoon ideas!

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