5 Top Tips For April Skincare

Today our resident expert Kate Kelvin (a professional UK make-up artist specialising in natural make-up) talks about spring skincare! Over to Kate to take us out of a winter skincare rut and provide some top tips for super skin!


With your wedding day on the horizon why not start a skincare routine that will help your make-up look as natural as possible? When your skin is in good condition and hydrated then minimal make-up is needed to create a fresh dewy complexion!

It’s not only what you put on the outside that counts but also what you eat and drink. Balance with all things is benificial and as a bride-to-be you will have time to help make that happen.

5 Top Tips For April Skincare

Here are my tips for better looking skin…

1. Eat colourful foods (no, not Pizza!) such as lots of fresh fruit and veg. I have mentioned the benefits of juicing fruit and veg before because it feeds us on a cellular level, all the nutrients get absorbed straight into the blood stream and feed the skin helping it to renew in a healthy way.

I believe juicing on a daily basis can help maintain the complexion, it also helps stabilise your weight, so no more yo-yo dieting!

2. Have regular monthly facials as this will remove the dead top layer of skin leaving it glowing and cleansed.


3. For troubled skin there are many different treatments such as Microdermabrasion, this treatment is pain free and removes the top layer of dead cells. it also reduces fine lines.

Try either a hand held (from the local chemist) or salon machine which uses Red and Blue light to kill bacteria. Check these treatments out at your local Beauty Salon.


4. Drink water! We are meant to drink around 2 litres a day, not always easy to do, so being aware that we need to drink more is a good start.


5. Avoid too much sugar, alcohol and smoking as they dehydrate the skin and leave it looking sallow and lifeless.

Remember things take time to change and this will happen gradually but once you are in your new routine you will glow with radiance.

Kate x

Website: www.kkmakeupartist.co.uk

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