5 Top Tips – Choosing Your Wedding Cake Flavour

We’re so pleased to introduce this second guest post (with lots of sound advice on wedding cake flavours!) from our newest member of the Aspirational Bride team, over to Jaclyn from Ivory and Rose… 

Today’s ‘Wedding Cake’ post is about the flavour of your wedding cake… The look of the cake is important because it is one of the most photographed parts of the day, BUT the taste will last forever in your guests memory…

Have a think about the top 5 wedding cake flavour questions below and jot down your ideas and thoughts onto your ‘wedding cake to-do list‘  from last months post.

5 Top Tips – Choosing Your Wedding Cake Flavour

1. What season are you getting married in?

You want to be mindful of the season that you’re getting married in. Lighter sponges with delicate fillings are good for the spring and summer months and darker spiced flavours are good for the autumn and winter months.

A Madagascar vanilla sponge with a strawberries & champagne is fab for summer and a French Brandy soaked fruitcake goes down a treat for a winter wedding.

5-Top-Tips-Choosing Your-Wedding-Cake-Flavour

2. Does your wedding breakfast have an overall theme?

Thinking about what your guests will be eating for the wedding breakfast is helpful when deciding on flavours.

A few examples, if you are having an Asian feast, ginger will compliment the Eastern flavours well; for a Mediterranean spread lemon suits the light zesty and fresh flavours.

5-Top-Tips-Choosing Your-Wedding-Cake-Flavour

3. Choosing memorable flavours (but not weird ones!)

You want your cake to be talked about and remembered by guests as the best cake they have ever eaten! So I would recommend going for something with a little bit more of a wow factor.

Why not jazz up an orange flavour by adding ginger. Or instead of just chocolate, have orange & chocolate.

Just don’t pick very extreme combinations to be different, your guests wont thank you for it. Purple Velvet or Bubble Gum flavours are best left for Halloween!

4. Can you match your choice to you as a couple?

This item can be a fun one if you have a story that you can link to your wedding cake flavour. Did you fall in love over a cup of coffee? Why not have a mocha flavour. Was one of your first dates at the fair ground? Why not get your baker to add hundreds-and-thousands sprinkles to your vanilla sponge.

5. Pick flavours you are going to want to eat!

This is your wedding cake, so pick something that the two of you will want to eat. After a full day of emotions, talking to guests, taking photos and being run off your feet you are going to want to savour a piece of wedding cake that you will remember for the rest of your life.

5-Top-Tips-Choosing Your-Wedding-Cake-Flavour

We would love to hear what you choose for your wedding cake flavours, pop a comment below and tell us.

Don’t forget to share this post with a friend! It always makes planning so much more fun.

Till next time,

Jacs x


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