5 “Less is More” Inspired Wedding Ideas

Planning the look of any event is a balancing act–more of one element means less of another. Strike just the right balance and you create an affair to remember. But less of what? And more of what? Here are some ideas to get your own creativity flowing.

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1. Less color, more shine.

Bling, shine, sparkle, pizazz—whatever you would like to call it—adds a diamond-like glimmer to the whole event. There are certain ways to achieve this, however, while avoiding a garish effect. (Unless, of course, garish is the look you aspire to. Then, by all means break out sequins and glitter for all!) Here, in a photo by Yasmin Khajavi of Portland OR, the “in your face” sparkling table clothe is offset by considerable lack of glitz elsewhere. The clear acrylic chairs, barest hint of floral color, and bare walls and windows combine to create a highly elegant look.If entire surfaces of sparkle do not appeal to you, try flipping the concept by placing bits of shine here and there and filling in the look with a theme, such as with a Cinderella wedding. Smaller details–such as shoes, carriage trim, faceted light crystals, and cake adornments—can sparkle, while the rest of the look is created through gown design and storybook-related features.

2. No color, more white.

The absence of color, a “white wedding,” can be inspiring as well. Ultramodern and traditional at once, all-white emanates luxury. Here, photographer Samm Blake of Brooklyn NY captured a lovely quartet displaying the look. (While each dress is pure white, note the bridesmaids are quite definitely distinguishable from the bride.) Other white details in an all-white wedding could include tablecloths and skirts, chairs, centerpiece vases, place settings, cake and dessert, wall décor, and lightingFor the wedding party flowers and reception décor, arrays of different colorless flowers can be quite impactful. Narcissi, ranunculus, tulips, hyacinths, hydrangeas, and others come in white. An alternate flower option is to go with a single type of flower, for uniform bouquets similar to those in the photo. Finally, you can add greenery for a more nature-oriented look. Gypsophila (baby’s breathe), with it’s tiny blooms and green stems, can accomplish this. Read Using Gypsophila in Your Wedding Flowers for more ideas.

You can find more ideas on the white wedding inspiration pinboard.

3. Less skin, more structure.

Let’s talk what’s underneath the dress for a moment—your foundation garments. While a skimpy bikini and bra works nicely for overnight on the honeymoon, this type of lingerie does little to provide a structured form from which a gown can hang. Something like the bridal corset here serves both as support during the event and eye candy later. Read Getting the Perfect Figure from Your Bridal Lingerie for more guidance on looking your best in the dress.

4. Less vivid, more pastel.

While shades of a single color, ranging from very light to dark, can certainly make for a lovely wedding, the absence of one end of the spectrum can create a wonderful effect as well. A color scheme of pastels, for example, creates a soft and romantic feel, as demonstrated on this light green wedding cake from Cake Studio in Manitoba Canada.Pastel pink is popular as well, especially combined with light blue. This Iced Pink Wedding Theme post contains many examples of that color combination.

5. Less detail, more silhouettes.

The absence of detail is another option. Outlines, in the form of silhouettes or cut outs, create a bit more of a structured look. Depending upon how applied, one can create an architectural look, a pattern, or person’s profile. When thinking of ways to put silhouettes into action, think about the dress, invitations and other printed media, photo shots, the cake, and its topper. This Bride and Groom Silhouette Cake Topper By Pasticsmith is an example of the latter.Laser cut items are a way to create patterned silhouettes. Read Laser Cut Wedding Trend Ideas for inspiration.

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