5 Homely Wedding Gifts Newlywed Couples Will Love

Weddings are a time of bliss, new beginnings, and the giving of gifts. You can show your love and affection for the newlyweds by selecting just the right present. After all, this is your opportunity to give something the couple will cherish and enjoy for years to come.

5 Homely Wedding Gifts Newlywed Couples Will Love

Bold Patterned Tea Cups

No one ever said that drinking tea must be boring. In fact, with the current trend for drinking amazing blends of tea bright colors and surprising designs are becoming quite the norm in kitchens everywhere. You can buy an organised set or mix and match. However, try to have at least one coordinating colour between everything if you’re going for an eclectic collection.


Unique Picture Frames

Every newlywed couple has dozens, if not hundreds, of wedding pictures to display. Find a picture frame that fits the couple’s personality. If you feel weird gifting an empty frame, put their wedding invitation in it as a place holder. The couple will love having a place to proudly display images of the happy day.

Warm Throws

There’s nothing better than cuddling on the couch with your partner, and a cosy throw blanket is just the right size for the activity. To make the gift personal, buy one that has the couple’s wedding colours in it. However, try to get a blanket which will wash easily. Remember, newlywed couples have enough to worry about; they don’t need a blanket which requires special care!


Luxury Bath Towels

Bring a little charm to their bathroom by giving the love birds a set of whimsical or luxury bath towels. After all, it’s far too easy for the new couple to get focused on just the necessities; your fun or luxurious gift will banish dullness from their bathroom. If you can, try to find extra-large bath sheets as opposed to simple towels; they will appreciate the added luxury.


Cozy Robes

Keep the chill of cold nights at bay by giving the couple coordinating robes. After all, what twosome won’t love slipping into these at the end of a long day? However, stay away from traditional his/her sets. Today, it’s all about finding something fun and unique.

Happy shopping!

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