3 Wedding Invitation Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

Just like everything else in this world wedding invitation trends come and go.  At Aspirational Bride we keep a close eye on all wedding trends, and here are 3 specific trends for 2015 that you really won’t want to miss.

3 Wedding Invitation Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

Trend # 1 Pocket Wedding Invitations

A hot trend in wedding invitations has been adding different accessories to a simple yet elegant invite. My favourite of these accessories is a pocket. Pocket wedding invitations add a sense of elegance you can’t find anywhere else as they lend themselves perfectly to additional accessories such as a bellyband or logo square.


wedding-invitation-trendsTrend #2 Belly Bands

The great thing about a belly band is can be added to any wedding invitation set. Adding colour through a brightly coloured belly band or logo square to tie the set together can give your invite just the right amount of colour to stand out but not overwhelm.


Trend #3 A Touch of Floral

Flowers have always been a long-standing tradition at almost every wedding but in 2015 flowers crept their way onto wedding invitations.  From a vintage look to a modern style; floral wedding invitations add colour and style to any invitation.


No matter which style you decide to go with for your wedding Basic Invite offers a large selection of completely customizable designs that can be personalized instantly online.  You can see a preview of each change you make instantly online as well as order a printed sample of your actual invitation.

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